Candidates vie to represent St Peter's on the city council

May 01 2019
Candidates vie to represent St Peter's on the city council

Voters in St Peter’s will go to the polls today, Thursday, May 2 to elect a member to represent them on Worcester City Council.

After 15 years as a St Peter’s ward councillor, Conservative Roger Knight is retiring.

There are four candidates standing for election to replace him.

They are Chris Giles (Labour), Steve Mackay (Conservative), Linda Murray (UKIP) and Alaric Stephen (Green Party).

St Peter’s has two members on the city council but just one of those seats is up for election this year.

There are 35 seats on Worcester City Council, 11 of which are to be contested on May 2.

Polls will be held in the Arboretum, Bedwardine, Cathedral, Claines, Nunnery, St Clement, St John, St Stephen, Warndon Parish North and Warndon Parish South wards as well as St Peter’s.

Neither of Battenhall’s Worcester City Council seats are up for election this year.

Councillors elected on May 2 will be responsible for making decisions on running services in Worcester.

They include housing, planning, parks, leisure, recycling and waste collection.

A full list of candidates standing in the elections is available at

The candidates for the St Peter’s Worcester City Council seat explain here why they are standing.