Fitness equipment would benefit all ages says resident

February 04 2019
Fitness equipment  would benefit all ages says resident

A St Peter’s resident would like to see multi-exercise equipment installed to replace rundown play facilities cleared from a parish park.

The Area 51 play equipment in Power Park had deteriorated to such an extent that it has been dismantled over recent months and taken away.

After reading in St Peter’s Voice that St Peter’s Parish Council might consider a mountain bike bump track to replace the play equipment removed resident Charlie Cavendish came up with the idea of the exercise equipment as a potential alternative.

He explained his idea to members of the parish council during their recent meeting, citing similar equipment which had been installed in Worcester’s Gheluvelt Park (pictured below).

Mr Cavendish told them: “It would be nice to have the gym-type equipment,” adding: “I would certainly use it.”

Conservative Mike Johnson, a St Peter’s parish councillor who also represents the ward on Worcester City Council, said: “We looked at this before and it’s not cheap,” adding each individual piece of equipment could cost £3,500 to £4,000.

Following the meeting Mr Cavendish said he used the park every day, explaining: “I do a 40-minute walk around the estate, using different footpaths.”

He added that people also regularly jogged through the park and said they would probably use multi-use equipment to enhance and vary their fitness activities.

He thought the equipment would also benefit older people who would not be able to afford to join a gym.

During the parish council meeting the council’s clerk, Alex Booth, said the bridge had been removed from the Area 51 play vicinity, with the ground beginning to solidify.

He added: “It has been reseeded. There is an option to turf. The only remaining task is to remove the pikes.”

Parish council chairman Alan Tidy said they would be looking to use the timber elsewhere.

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