Tailbacks at roundabout cause of frustration for city motorists

December 04 2018
Tailbacks at roundabout cause of frustration for city motorists

Congestion at a St Peter’s traffic roundabout is fuelling frustration among drivers caught up in resulting tailbacks.

Worcester City Conservative councillor Roger Knight and the chairman of St Peter’s Parish Council, Alan Tidy, have expressed their concern over the Ketch roundabout issue, which Cllr Knight said had been getting worse.

He explained: “The biggest problem is the volume of traffic and the roundabout is now larger than it used to be and faster than it used to be and joining the roundabout is more difficult than it ever has been.”

He added that drivers coming from the Kempsey direction towards the city at peak times were particularly caught up.

He said: The problem at the moment with the Ketch roundabout is the exit to the Carrington Bridge is so narrow that it causes tailbacks so you can’t get on to the roundabout and that causes tailbacks.”

He went on: “When you drive round it, it doesn’t appear to be round because you’re always correcting.”

Mr Tidy said: “The camber is an issue because it seems contrary to what you want to do.”

Cllr Knight agreed, saying: “We have a situation where there’s an adverse camber”

Mr Tidy said cars and lorries coming down the Worcester side had difficulty joining the roundabout, adding: “People won’t wait the five minutes or 10 minutes so that’s what’s raising frustration in drivers.

“I don’t see a solution to this until the second bridge is open.”