Landmark footbridge is newest addition to the A4440 link road

September 04 2019
Landmark footbridge is newest addition to the A4440 link road

An overnight operation to install a new bridge serving St Peter’s has been carried out with the structure providing a striking new addition to the local landscape.

The Crookbarrow Way footbridge was lowered into place between the Whittington and Norton traffic roundabouts over the A4440 as part of the ongoing Southern Link Road (SLR) development.

The bridge will eventually provide a link between St Peter’s and Norton for pedestrians, bikes, mobility scooters and horse riders.

Additional work needs to be carried out before the footbridge can fully open to the public during the autumn.

That includes touching up the paint on the bridge following installation, backfilling the supports at each end of the bridge and installing bearings and expansion joints, as well as connecting drainage.

On the St Peters (north) side, a connection needs to be constructed to the high level footpath and ramps built to join the lower level footpath with the bridge.

On the Norton (south) side, kerbing and surfacing to Brockhill Lane have to be installed, as do directional signs.

The overnight installation of the footbridge was captured in photographs taken by Martin Lewis, while Alex Dyer has taken aerial photos of the bridge by drone.

Here we include a selection of their pictures, as well as ground level photos of the bridge in place.