Residents could be trained to use laser guns to put brakes on speeding drivers

October 01 2019
Residents could be trained to use laser guns to put brakes on speeding drivers

Residents of St Peter’s and Battenhall could be equipped with laser guns to help crack down on speeding drivers.

Police are considering recruiting members of the public who would be trained in using the devices to tackle speedsters.

During the most recent meeting of St Peter’s Partners and Communities Together (PACT)  PC Louise Steele, of the Battenhall and Nunnery Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) outlined what was being proposed.

Although in its early stages, the eventual aim would be to invite volunteers to stand in St Peter’s Drive and Battenhall Road, identified among roads in the area with the highest instances of speeding, and record drivers  exceeding the limit.

PC Steele told people attending the PACT meeting about the Speed Watch initiative, co-ordinated by the Safer Roads Partnership serving the West Mercia Police area, which includes Worcester.

She explained it would involve the volunteers standing in designated places with the laser speed guns and wearing fluorescent jackets.

She added: “I have been told there’s funding in place to train people for the qualification, should we have volunteers.”

She warned that when the initiative had been proposed previously there had been no volunteers. Some people attending the PACT meeting, however, put their names forward for consideration as volunteers if the scheme goes ahead.

PC Steele added its introduction was also dependent on speed data indicating that it was necessary on the roads identified as the most concerning.

“It’s a case of justifying why it ought to be on that road,” she said.

St Peter’s parish councillor Alan Tidy, chairing the meeting, said Worcestershire county councillor Steve Mackay, who represents the St Peter division, had acquired a vehicle activated sign (VAS) for use in Battenhall.

That was in addition to the signs already being used in St Peter’s.

The signs display messages warning drivers to watch their speeds.

When St Peter’s parish councillor Roger Knight raised the issue of vehicles speeding along the A4440 Southern Link Road Mr Tidy said further monitoring was unlikely to be carried out until the permanent speed limit was imposed at the completion of the roadworks.

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