Mannequins used to warn drivers to slow down near schools

March 11 2019
Mannequins used to warn drivers to slow down near schools

Mannequins warning drivers to slow down and not park carelessly were stationed in roads leading to schools in Battenhall in an effort to improve pupils’ safety.

Cherry Orchard Primary School and Red Hill Primary School used the West Mercia Police signs over a week at drop-off and pick-up times for children making their way to and from the schools.

PC Louise Steele, of West Mercia’s Battenhall and Nunnery Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), said: “The parking around schools continues to cause frustration. This is as a result of drivers not parking correctly or courteously.”

She explained the force had acquired the display stand mannequins to help drive home the road safety messages.

They were placed in Timberdine Close for Cherry Orchard Primary and Midhurst Close and Arundel Drive for Red Hill Primary.

Cherry Orchard pupils had mixed views over the success of the mannequins initiative.

One said: “I think it does work a lot. I walk that way every day. I’ve seen cars slowing down all the time, waiting for children to cross.

“My only issue if that they aren’t well weighted down and when they are knocked down, for example, by the wind, the cars behave differently. I'm still seeing two wheels on the kerb as a real problem.”

Another said: “Drives are still being blocked, I've noticed.”

In the opinion of one pupil: “They don’t really do anything – they don’t seem to have an influence on the traffic. Cars still drive through without waiting for pedestrians to cross.”

Cherry Orchard’s deputy headteacher Lee Card said: “It was great to work alongside West Mercia Police with the continued aim of keeping our children and community safe around the school entrance in Timberdine Close.

“The mannequins certainly made an impact on me the first time I saw them driving into the school - let's hope that they have a longer-term effect on the way drivers conduct themselves before and after the school day.”