Police warning not to hand over bank details

January 29 2020
Police warning not to hand over bank details

People are being warned not to give their bank account details to phone callers claiming to be police officers or from banks.

West Mercia Police are urging residents, particularly those who are elderly, to be alert to courier fraud scammers.

Police say their officers, representatives of other official bodies and banks would never ask for account details or PIN numbers over the phone.

They would also not go to people’s houses to collect their cards or property.

Police said they would encourage anyone with elderly relatives or friends to talk to them about the courier fraud scam and make them aware of the problem.

Their advice to anyone receiving a call from someone claiming to be a police officer, asking for money, was to hang up immediately, wait 10 minutes and call 101 using another phone if possible.

In an emergency or if a crime was in progress call 999.

In some instances telephone scammers have said that the amount taken from the bank is higher than the allowable amount, so people should be aware of what the maximum was that they could withdraw from their bank and see it as a warning sign if the caller stated that more had been taken.

Banks, police officers and similar professionals will never contact members of the public to ask them to assist with investigations by “moving money to a safe account” or similar activity, such as buying items.

Fraudsters can seem credible but if someone people did not know contacted them out of the blue asking to help with “an investigation” the guidance was to be suspicious.