A few solutions to problems

January 09 2019

I read with interest the December issue and noted the various problems raised by residents in the area. I would like to offer a few solutions for readers to mull over.

Litter – a problem everywhere, but perhaps it could be helped by the use of more and larger bins, emptied more regularly.

Ketch roundabout – when the section between this and the Powick roundabout becomes a dual carriageway, a flyover, single lane in each direction, starting and finishing in the outside lane to take the “through” traffic, allowing the “side” traffic easier access.

Timberdine Road – as a user of this road, I sympathise with parents trying to safely drop off their children at the school, as well as the local residents. Perhaps the school should be made to provide “on-site” parking on the available land for their teachers’ vehicles, which are the cause of most of the problems.

Scooters on pavements – car drivers need to understand that the pavement is not an extension of the road for their convenience, but an area for the use of and by pedestrians, and should be approached and crossed with the utmost care. Don't blame children on scooters for your lack of attention.

Reversing into the drive in the evening to enable driving out forwards in the morning will give greater awareness and improved visibility.

A bit radical, perhaps, but all of the above are possible.


A W Turley, Battenhall