Steps considered to put brakes on A4440 speedsters

September 04 2019
Steps considered to put brakes on A4440 speedsters

Discussions are taking place in a bid to curb drivers’ speeds on the Southern Link Road alongside St Peter’s.

The widening of the A4440 has seen drivers and motorcyclists speeding along it, despite road signs showing the limit is 40mph.

As well as speeding, the sound of accelerating vehicles and motorbikes has created a noise nuisance for residents living nearby.

Conservative councillor Steve Mackay, who represents the St Peter division on Worcestershire County Council, said: “I’m exploring whether or not safety cameras could be deployed.

“I would look for it on a permanent basis.

“Residents living close to the development have commented on not only the speed but also the noise made by accelerating vehicles.

“The answer will be to take speed readings, find out what the average speeds are over the dual carriageway and, dependent on the results, look to try and use cameras to deter speeding drivers.

“I’m in discussions with the officers and colleagues and once we have a clearer indication of drivers’ habits we should be able to look at introducing these measures, that will be better for everybody concerned.”

St Peter’s parish councillor Roger Knight has also expressed his concern over the speeding issue.

He said: “The Southern Link Road is a problem, with boy racers, speeders and noisy motorbikes.

“How these issues are met are difficult questions.

“Highways have been asked to consider a number of suggestions, including reducing the speed limit, cabling the road to measure speed, speed cameras and so on.”

He added: “It is a difficult problem with no obvious solution.”

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