Tesco apologises for noise from early morning lorries

October 01 2019
Tesco apologises for noise from early morning lorries

Tesco’s management has apologised for noise disturbing neighbouring residents outside the normal operating hours at its St Peter’s store.

Parish councillor Roger Knight raised the issue during the most recent meeting of St Peter's Parish Council.

He told the meeting lorries had arrived in the early hours, with the sounds of rattling cages and crates leading to residents’ complaints.

“It’s been going on for about 20 years,” he explained.

“This particular family have had a lot of problems over the years because the property faces the goods yard.”

He added that the noise was tolerable if it was within normal operating hours.

Mr Knight said: “I have approached Tesco on a number of occasions. I have had environmental health monitor sound levels in the past.”

He went on: “It’s a constant battle. It just got ridiculous at one point.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We want to be a good neighbour to residents near our Worcester St Peter’s store and have already put in place strict delivery restrictions.

“We are confident that these will help, however we are sorry for the inconvenience caused on the rare occasions when deliveries have arrived earlier than planned.”

Have you been affected by the noise at Tesco? Send your views to stpetersvoiceuk@gmail.com